K LOGISTICS Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery new and used for sale. K Logistics delivers all your trade needs with thousands of machines and parts for all machine tools

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Air Cleaning Equipment 

Other Air Cleaning Equipment

Air Shower

Air Cleaning Equipment Parts

Industrial Dehumidifier

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Animal Husbandry Equipment 

Egg Incubators

Ear Tags

Other Animal Husbandry Equipment

Animal Cages

Animal Feeders

Animal Drinkers

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Apparel Machinery 

Sewing Machines

Embroidery Machines

Other Apparel Machinery

Bag Making Machinery


Lace Machines

Apparel Machinery Parts

Cap Making Machinery

Sock Knitting Machinery

Glove Making Machinery

Button Making Machines

Buttonhole Machines

Zipper Making Machines

Belt Making Machinery

Industrial Garment Steamers

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Aquaculture Equipment 

Other Aquaculture Equipment

Aquaculture Machine Aerators

Aquaculture Traps

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Building Material Making Machine

Brick Making Machinery

Pipe Making Machinery

Other Material Making Machinery

Material Making Machinery

Tile Making Machinery

Cement Making Machinery

Stone Forming Machinery

Sand Making Machinery

Material Making Machinery Parts

Floorboard Making Machinery

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Chemical Equipment 

Chemical Machinery

Other Chemical Equipment

Chemical Equipment Parts

Chemical Storage Equipment

Heat Transfer Equipment

Chemical Transportation Equipment

Chemical Machinery Parts

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Chemical Process Equipment 



Pressure Vessels


Other Chemical Process Equipment

Mixing Equipment

Drying Equipment

Chemical Process Equipment Parts

Grinding Equipment

Separation Equipment

Distilling Equipment

Heat Treating Equipment

Ventilation Fan Parts

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Construction Machinery 

Other Construction Machinery




Concrete Machinery


Wheel Loaders






Motor Graders

Road Rollers

Asphalt Mixers

Pile Drivers

Construction Lifters


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Farm Machinery 

Other Farm Machinery






Milking Machines




Farm Machinery Parts

Oil Pressers

Feed Processing Machinery

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Filter Supplies 

Other Filter Supplies

Filter Papers

Filter Bags

Filter Cloth

Filter Meshes

Filter Aids

Filter Films

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Food Processing Equipment 

Food Processing Machinery

Beverage Processing Machinery

Other Food Processing Equipment

Food Processing Machinery Parts

Beverage Processing Machinery Parts

Home Product Making Machinery 

Other Home Product Making Machinery

Home Product Making Machinery Parts

Straw Making Machinery

Toothpick Making Machinery

Wet Wipe Making Machinery

Match Making Machinery

Furniture Making Machinery

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Industrial Equipment Parts 

Other Industrial Parts

Air Compressor Parts

Engine Parts

Heat Exchange Parts

Boiler Parts

Gas Generation Equipment Parts

Laser Equipment Parts

Cleaning Equipment Parts

Energy Saving Equipment Parts

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Industrial Filtration Equipment

Water Filter

Oil Filter

Air Filter

Dust Collector

Other Industrial Filtration Equipment

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Material Handling Equipment 

Other Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Cranes

Material Handling Lifts

Material Handling Conveyors

Material Handling Palletizers

Material Handling Containers

Material Handling Systems


Material Handling Towers

Material Handling Racks

Material Handling Rollers

Material Handling Conveyor Systems

Material Handling Carts

Material Handling Equipment Parts

Material Handling Elevators

Material Handling Winches


Material Handling Cables

Pallet Jack

Material Handling Baskets

Material Handling Blowers

Material Handling Rotators

Material Handling Inverters

Material Handling Tackles

Material Handling Fans

Material Handling Skates

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Metal Processing Machinery 

Other Metal Machinery

Machine Tools

Bending Machines

Drilling Machines

Lathe Machines

Milling Machines

Grinding Machines

Punching Machines

Boring Machines

Metal Processing Machinery Parts

Slotting Machines

Metal Forging Machines

Metal Casting Machines

Metal Engraving Machines

Gear Cutting Machines

Wire EDM Machines

Metal Coating Machines

Metal Straightening Machines

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Mining & Metallurgy Machinery 

Mining Machinery

Metallurgy Machinery

Other Mining & Metallurgy Machinery

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Other Motors

DC Motors

AC Motors

Motor Parts

Stepper Motors

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Packaging Machinery 

Other Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machines

Filling Machines

Sealing Machines

Labeling Machines

Wrapping Machines

Laminating Machines

Coating Machines

Marking Machines

Capping Machines

Gluing Machines

Vacuum Packing Machines

Packaging Lines

Packaging Forming Machines

Blister Packaging Machines

Packaging Machine Parts

Auxiliary Packaging Machines

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Pharmaceutical Machinery 

Other Pharmaceutical Machinery

Tablet Press

Capsule Filling Machines

Film Coating Machines

Pharmaceutical Machinery Parts

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines

Tablet Counter

Capsule Polishers

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Plastic Machinery 

Other Plastic Processing Machinery

Plastic Granulators

Plastic Extruders

Plastic Injection Machinery

Plastic Product Making Machinery

Plastic Recycling Machinery

Plastic Blowing Machinery

Plastic Crushing Machinery

Plastic Processing Machinery Parts

Plastic Cutting Machinery

Plastic Product Making Machinery Parts

Plastic Rolling Machinery

Plastic Vacuum Forming Machinery

Plastic Laminating Machinery

Plastic Drying Machinery

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Printing Machinery 

Printing Machinery

Digital Printers

Inkjet Printers

Laser Printers

Offset Printers

Other Printing Machinery

Flexographic Printers

Label Printers

Printing Machinery Parts

Post-Press Equipment

Plotter Printers

Pre-Press Equipment

3D Printers

Rotogravure Printers

Pad Printers

Tape Printers

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Raw Material Processing Machinery

Paper Machinery

Other Raw Material Processing Machinery

Raw Material Processing Machinery Parts

Glass Machinery

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Refrigeration Equipment 

Other Refrigeration Equipment

Ice Machines

Cooling Towers

Cold Rooms

Industrial Chillers

Refrigeration Equipment Parts

Industrial Freezers

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Rubber Machinery 

Rubber Processing Machinery

Rubber Product Making Machinery

Other Rubber Machinery

Rubber Processing Machinery Parts

Rubber Product Making Machinery Parts

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Shoemaking Machinery 

Shoemaking Machinery

Shoe Eyeleting Machines

Other Shoemaking Machinery

Shoe Moulding Machines

Shoe Cementing Machines

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Textile Machinery 

Other Textile Machinery

Weaving Machinery

Knitting Machinery

Spinning Machinery

Textile Finishing Machinery

Home Textile Machinery

Nonwoven Machinery

Textile Dyeing Machinery

Bleaching Machinery

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Used Machinery 

Other Used Machinery

Used Construction Machinery

Used Manufacturing Machinery

Used Farm Machinery

Used Industrial Equipment

Used Office Equipment

Used Hardware

Used Home Equipment

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Welding Equipment 

Other Welding Equipment

Arc Welders

Plastic Welders

Spot Welders

MIG Welders

Butt Welders

Plasma Welders

Seam Welders

Welder Parts

Ultrasonic Welders

Electric Soldering Irons

Laser Welders

Tube Welders

Aluminum Welders

Resistance Welders

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Welding Supplies 

Other Welding & Soldering Supplies

Welding Wires

Welding Rods

Welding Torches

Welding Helmets

Welding Fluxes

Electrode Holders

Weld Holders

Welding Tips

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Woodworking Machinery 

Other Woodworking Machinery

Woodworking Machines

Woodworking Routers

Wood Pellet Mill

Woodworking Tools

wood engraving machines

Wood Cutting Machines

Wood Lathe

Wood Boring Machine

Wood Planer

Wood Press Machines

Saw Machinery

Woodworking Benches

Woodworking Machinery Parts

Woodworking Jigs

Finger Jointer