K Logisticsservices include advertising, marketing, consultation, logistics (including travel and facilities services), waste handling, staffing services

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Advertising Services 

Outdoor Advertising

Other Advertising Services

Internet Advertising

Trade Show Advertising

Advertising Design

Newspaper Advertising

Magazines Advertising

TV Advertising

Radio Advertising

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Agency Services

Other Agency Services

Mineral & Metals Agents

General Trade Agents

Beauty Products Agents

Apparel Agents

Automotive & Motorcycle Parts Agent

Agriculture & By-product Agents

Fashion Accessories Agents

Chemical Product Agents

Health Product Agents

Construction Materials Agents

Shoes Agents

Real Estate Agents

Electrical Product Agents

Printing Product Agents

Computer & Software Agents

Transportation Product Agents

Jewelry Agents

Textile Agents

Energy Agents

Food Agents

Pulp & Paper Agent

Consumer Electronics Agents

Entertainment Product Agents

Home Supplies Agents

Sport Product Agents

Watch Agents

Advertisement Agents

Environment Product Agents

Bag & Luggage Agents

Home Appliances Agents

Machinery Agents

Packaging Products Agents

Security Product Agents

Electronics Agents

Office & School Supplies Agents

Eyewear Agents

Gifts & Crafts Agents

Lighting Agents

Photography & Optic Product Agents

Rubber Agents

Machinery Parts Agents

Measuring & Analysing Instrument Agents

Hardware Agents

General Mechanical Components Agents

Clock Agents

Furniture Agents

Tool Agents

Plastic Agents

Used Equipment Auction Services

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Business Travel Services 

Other Business Travel Services

Business Travel Packages

Ticketing Services

Hotels Services

Corporate Travel Services

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Consulting Services 

Other Consulting Services

Trading Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting Services

Technology Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Design Services 

Other Design Services

Graphic Design Services

Website Design Services

Packaging Design Services

Industrial Design Services

Architecture Design Services

Decorating Design Services

Industrial Equipment Processing Services

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Financial Equipment 

Other Financial Equipment


Currency Binders

POS Systems

Bill Counters

Coin Counters & Sorters

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IT Services 

Other IT Services

Software Development Services

SEO Services

Web Development Services

Software Outsourcing Services

Data Processing Services

Web Hosting Services

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License Services 



Other License Services


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Logistics Services 

Other Logistics Services


Air Freight

Sea Freight

Freight Agents

Customs Clearance Services

Warehouse Services

Railway Freight

Road Freight

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Mechanical Related Services 

Heat Treatment

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Machining Services

Other Mechanical Services

Casting Services

Welding Services

Coating Services

Finishing Services

Mechanical Component Design Services

Mechanical Component Agents

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Processing Services 

Food Processing

Metal Processing Service

Textile Processing

Agriculture Products Processing

Mechanical Accessory & Parts Processing

Internet Service

Electronic Components Processing

Other Processing Services

Packaging Product Processing

Mould Design & Processing Services

Custom Chemical Services

Construction Materials Processing

Machinery Parts Processing Services

Telecommunication Processing

Apparel Processing Services

Hardware Processing

Shoe Processing

Machinery Processing Services

Home Supplies Products Processing

Rubber Processing Service

Plating Services

Home Appliances Processing

Tool Processing Services

Measuring Instrument Processing Services

Plastic Processing Service

Gifts & Crafts Processing

Fashion Accessories Processing

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Project Cooperation 

Other Project Cooperation

Construction Projects

Energy Projects

Real Estate Projects

Regional Investment

Mining and Metallurgy Projects

Industrial Supplies Projects

Agriculture Projects

Service Projects

Chemical Projects

Electronics Projects

Computer Related Projects

Textile Projects

Health Projects

Tourism Projects

Transportation Projects

Apparel Projects

Environment Projects

Entertainment Projects

Food Projects

Home Appliances Projects

Home Supplies Projects

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Service Equipment & Supplies 

Advertising Materials

Restaurant & Hotel Supplies

Store & Supermarket Supplies

Other Service Equipment & Supplies

Vending Machines

Physical Security Equipment

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Trade Show Services 

Trade Show Equipment

Other Trade Show Services

Exhibiting Services

Exhibition Invitation

Trade Show Planning

Booths Design & Executing

Trade Show Training