K LOGISTICS Shoes & Footwear

Your wholesale everyday essentials like trainers, ballet flats and boots as well as styles for special occasions such as court shoes and flip flops. Shop for your Clients or Customers latest shoes at K Logistics

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Children Footwear 

Children Sports Shoes

Children Shoes

Baby Shoes

Children Boots

Children Sandals

Children Clogs

Children Slippers

Other Children's Shoes

Children Casual Shoes

Children Dress Shoes

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Men Footwear 

Men Sports Shoes

Men Shoes

Men Athletic Shoes

Men Boots

Men Casual Shoes

Men Sandals

Men Slippers

Men Dress Shoes

Other Men Shoes

Men Clogs

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Raw Materials 

Other Shoe Materials

Shoe Leather

Shoe Materials

Shoe Fabric

Shoe Plastic

Shoe Rubber

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Shoe Parts & Accessories 

Other Parts & Accessories



Shoe Heels


Shoe Uppers

Shoe Polish

Shoe Horns

Shoe Linings

Shoe Decorations

Shoe Trees

Shoe Dryer

Shoe Hanger

Shoe Polishing Equipment

Shoe Hooks

Shoe Deodorant

Shoe Zippers & Sliders

Shoe Brush

Shoe Labels & Tags

Shoe Mesh

Shoe Care Kit

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Special Purpose Shoes 

Other Special Purpose Shoes

Used Shoes

Rain Boots

Mens Special Purpose Shoes

Womens Special Purpose Shoes

Height Increasing Shoes

Electrically Heated Shoes

Massage Shoes

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Women Footwear 

Women Shoes

Women Sports Shoes

Women Boots

Women Sandals

Women Heels

Other Women Shoes

Women Slippers

Women Dress Shoes

Women Clogs

Women Casual Shoes

Women Flats

Women Athletic Shoes

Women Dance Shoes