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Agriculture, Minerals, Energy Production and much more...

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Gold Bars and Nuggets

We have available Gold Bars, and Nuggets for sale. We are ready and willing for a long-term contract. We are ready and willing to supply you as per your request with a high volume of the mentioned products on a long term contract. Quantities of gold nuggets up to 500 kilograms of 22-24karat plus gold bars/nuggets monthly.

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Rough Diamonds and Gem Stones

We have a broad inventory of Unique  Rough Diamonds and Various Gems from many localities around the world. We stock the full range of Shapes, Sizes, and Qualities of Natural Diamond, and Emeralds Rough. You can buy single stones or parcels. Whether you seek Rough Diamond Crystals for Jewelry use, or a beautiful stone Rough Specimen, we have you covered.

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RB1/RB2 Steam Coal

We are able to offer various grades of steam/thermal coal from different origins.
Allocations are available depending on the time of inquiry.
Origins Include Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Columbia and USA.

Feel free to contact us for an inquiry based on your specific needs.
Pricing is based on a number of factors including payment instrument.

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Steel Billets

Our Steel Billets are produced in various grades such as ASTM A615 G60, A36 & 40 by varying from 100mmx100mm to 130mm x 130mm square and up to a length of 12 Meter with chemical specification set by the respective customer.
Our monthly supplying capacity is 800-900 M.Tons. Owing to good quality material with perfect Chemistry composition, we are  well-known in business community and have good reputation among our respective buyers.

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Copper Cathodes

We bring forth a wide range of Copper Cathodes that is used extensively in many Industries. The Copper Cathodes we offer are pure and of superior grade. These cathodes are made using high quality copper. The Copper Cathodes we offer are quality tested under the watch of our quality experts who check several properties of these cathodes. The Copper Cathodes we offer conform to the Industry quality standards. Our Copper Cathodes are offered to clients in well packed conditions which ensure that the product remains intact

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Used Rails

We are able to supply up to 200.000 metric tons per month.
Every customer gets our full attention. We always strive to provide quality service, using various tools. Among them, the regular upgrading of skills, the conclusion of mutually beneficial agreements with partners, the supply of detailed information to potential customers, the desire to please customers.

The result is improvement of the company welfare, timely delivery of supplies and customer satisfaction.


Agriculture, Minerals, Energy Products and much more...

Click below to access our vast listings of products you or your buyers might require.

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Honey Products

We are cultivators and extractors of all raw natural honey types of best standards. Our honey are freshly harvested from our farms, well preserved and packaged for onward distribution. Through a very careful quality control process, we have succeeded in distributing the best honey globally and have great market share. Our services are top notch, deliveries are very prompt and trade terms are very favorable and thanks to our moderate prices and good trade terms, we have managed to keep our clients' satisfaction to it's maximum and maintaining a long-lasting business and mutual relationship over the years. So please feel free to come to us for quality!!

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Fresh Fruits Produce

Our Suppliers specialize in the export of USA, Australian and worldwide-grown apples, pears  and citrus (oranges, lemons), squash, peaches, strawberries, organics, and more. We achieve our quality through a rigorous selection of farms and partner suppliers who share our vision of affordable quality to deliver the worlds freshest, choicest, and juiciest produce to discerning customers across the world whether you are looking for deliciously sweet grapes that are as delectable as when they were picked, gloriously crunchy apples that your customers will want to savor again and again, K-Logistics fresh fruit suppliers are your suppliers of choice.

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Beans Products

We supply all types of beans: Blanco Alubia, Negro, Colorado Oscuro, Colorado Claro, Carioca, Cocoa beans, Adzuki, Blackeye, Black beans, Haricot beans, Kidney beans, Lima or Butter beans, Mung beans, Pinto beans, Coffee beans

Our suppliers are the number 1 manufacturers of premium quality Beans Grade 1, New Crop.